Late Night Infinity

I was fortunate to get a game with a new acquaintance Last night.

I am practicing for an up coming tourney and my new friend obliged.

I left work early to get back home, smash out a meal for the Wife and Kid, shower and check my list.
It was push, But I got it done to be out of the house by 1800hrs.  If you want to know we had a Mediterranean warm cous cous salad*.

I punched the address into the phone and Google maps had me there By 1900hrs.  Tonight it was accurate, refreshing.

My opponent and I shot the shit for a little bit before we got down to business.

The armies were 300pts +16xp Spec ops.  PanO V Tohaa.

I won initiative and as expected deployed first.

I’m not brilliant at remembering everything that happened, but here are a few tid bits.
Kirpal Singh Lands behind the sniper, Fending off attempts to hack his decent.  A bit of pew pew from his Assault pistol he Blows a hole in this things symbiont Armour, forcing it to eat the dirt in fear!.

Re positioning at an access point into the command pod, Kipal dodges a Heavy flame template and into combat.  The Tohaa triad inside hears the commotion and steps out and into the fray.  Kirpal puts up a good show, but is put down.

Here we have the  Order Sergeant Spec Ops hacker attempting to  immobilize the Heavy coming down the corridor.  The program uploads, however the Bio symbiotic manages to neutralize the virus code.

In short I remember my fusilier Hacker taking pot shots at these guys down the corridor, killing  one.  My opponent dropped an AD troop behind me which took out a few guys and My Lt.

In the end I had 1 lot of supplies, He had secured 2 and my force was unable to rally itself to take back the advantage.  A tactical retreat was ordered.

A good night.

These will get better.  maybe.  I have plans to make better recordings of my games to better report them, however this blog isn’t another batrep blog.  It’s just tales of a TableTop Warrior

*Note: Cous cous is a terrible meal to feed a toddler, it gets everywhere when the eventually get bored of eating and throw food all over the place.  The sadden and despairing look my Wife shot me as I was tearing out the door was priceless.


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