Intro Games at WSWA

I hosted some intro games for new and interested club mates today.  There were a few people interested so was a good turn out.

I’ll be honest and say I was a bit anxious as I hadn’t run any intro games before and I wanted to ensure I was clear and concise, this can be an intimidating game for newer players.

I know I can get over excited, speak quickly and gloss past simple rules.  My mind will run at a hundred miles an hour, sometimes not stopping to fully compute what I am broadcasting through my mouth.  What was really nice was half way through the day as one my gaming friends were leaving, another infinity gamer who’d come down and ran a game with a newer player, told me he thought I was doing a really good job at explaining the game.

I was pretty chuffed with that and felt a bit of a boost.

I ran 3 games.  I had organised 2 lists with 2 factions, both had a 100 point and a 200 point list, Pan O and Nomads.  However the first game was with a nice gentleman who’d painted up and wanted to play his own force.  200 points Haqqislam.  It was a starter box + some extras.
He’d actually had 205pts, we talked about how much 5points can really unbalance things and that Infinity is the kind of game that can forgive “just a little over” in points as some other systems can.  It wasn’t a drama, just dropped a troop.

It was a bit trial by fire, as we had a lot of rules and weapons to explain.  I took it too easy and made some rookie mistakes.  I know it is an intro game, but I could’ve put up more of a fight to make it more of a challenge.

the next two games went how I wanted to organise them.  5 man 100pt forces on a smaller game surface.  Walked through the basics of how to declare orders and resolve AROs.  both forces had 3 line troops a Heavy infantry and 1 special  kind of guy, a Spektr for Nomads and Nisse with combi for PanO.



Both guys told me they had fun, claimed to enjoy the elements of the game I find most interesting; the “its always your turn” adage.   I thought it particularly cool when, in the second game, during my active turn taking on an advancing Aguacile with my Fusilier in in cover.   I rolled 3 dice and he rolled his 1 ARO. I think I missed with one shot and rolled low with 2, He succeded in beating my 2 shots to wound and kill my Fusilier in ARO.  There was a definite “oh, cool” moment,  a realisation that when your reactive you can kill the active player.

Over all I enjoyed showcasing the game,  I may have made it too simple, maybe next time I’ll have a simple objective instead of just annihilation.  Hopefully the games strength is in the objective based gameplay.


Now its late and I am tired.  the wife is cranky because I am sitting here on the Laptop and not giving her my attention.  happy wife, Happy life.


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