Where have I been??

If you are watching along at home, you’ll find this has been extremely dormant.  A mortgage, Job and Children will soak up so much time you’d think its gold.

13397711_1735912599989134_966409493_nAnyway…… I have finished up GMing a Pathfinder game with old friends.  I’d run the last 3 modules, the most I have run and the first time I’d ever actually finished a module with players.  Sooo glad to have finished, it was a lot of fun and I did get to try out quite a few of the ideas I had rattling in my brain, however, I am glad to take a break and play for a bit.

Great news! I have started up GMing for a new group of adventurers!  they are all new to pathfinder save for 2, my wife and another.  I know I have just finished running games for another group, however I am more organised now and this group I can be a lot more casual with, so it isn’t such a burden.  I think I really enjoy playing/running games for players that have no experience with Pathfinder/DnD.  There isn’t any meta-gaming and their imagination is just so raw,  I really like to run with their ideas and leave the rules to vague-ish guidelines to help amplify their experience.

I have been incorporating http://www.roll20.net into the sessions.  Its a really versatile Virtual Table Top (VTT), once you are familiar with it. There is a bit of work in preparation, once going though its brilliant.  As you can see by the image I am using a horizontal TV.  I pocked it up on gumtree for free and replaced the power board to fix it.  A bit of a learning exercise as I  am learning electronics too.

So far its well recieved, though the tabletop can get cluttered in confined spaces and lota of minis.  Next time I am going to trial no minis and just virtual tokens.  A raspberry pi and communal bluetooth mouse will run the table so can take some of the navigation tasks off of me.

Till next time,  roll well, roll with purpose.


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