Diving into the Age of Sigmar

  • I played Warhammer Fantasy (WHFB) 8th.
  •   I road the “poo poo” train to Games Workshop  (GW), stopping at Age of Sigmar (AOS) station to work at the shit cannery.
  • I am now, full swing into AOS.   

I bought a second hand Skaven army with the intent on making a Frostgrave warband and Kings of War(KoW) army.  I played one game of Frostgrave and no more.  I bought the rulle book and appropriate bases for KoW, I  didn’thave a game.

After meeting a new person and talking about GW, AOS and poo pooing I was shocked and impressed to hear such vehement hatred towards KoW and such positivity toward AoS.  It helped the person was so hilarious in his objections.

So, I put together a force and whacked some minis on a table to have a crack at this AOS. 

  It was sooo much fun!

I really enjoyed actually playing what my models were. None of this “counts as” crap.  It was wierd having no points, but with a good opponent its a great mechanic.  I really like the skirmish unit formations, it makes moving in and about terrain soo much easier; allowing for much more varied tables and thematic boards.
We played at a local games store during the ‘Season of War’ global event GW were running.  Essentially it was about 2 heroes duking it out 1V1 in the center of the board whilst the armies  battles around them.  

Sounds epic.

However our heroes were the B-team… flailing at each other with pool noodles.

It took a 5 turns and still noether of them died…. we ran out of time at the store and partners were asking about our whereabouts. So we rolled 2D6 to determine the winner.

  • I love how monstors work now
  • I really like the skirmish unit formations 
  • Big fan of the focus on fast, fun play over rules lawyering
  • Not overly keen on some of the ambiguous language used in the rules
  • Would really like to have had base sizes matter and linked to so.ethi g brief on Line of Sight.


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