The Path To Glory

20160823_224347So. There is now a group of us with Hard-on’s for Age of Sigmar (AOS).  The instigator of this rekindled love of fantasy has got us playing the Path to Glory campaign from the Generals HandBook (GHB).
As a side note, that GHB is pretty sweet.  It introduces a whole range of different was to play, including points, if thats what you need to get your heart throbbing.

We each chose a faction and warband leader then generated our warband.  we calculated points, though that isn’t necessary as that is blending two different ways to play together… we were shocked to see the points difference and so decided to halve the starting units rounding up…. though I have come to think, maybe that wasn’t the best thing to do, as there aren’t always enough bodies to take some of the objectives.

Path to Glory is about fighting on a smaller scale, going through a post battle sequence and gaining new abilities or followers, also it focuses more on objectives than anything else, so a few elite units may not have what it takes to secure a win.

We have;

  • Stormcast Eternals
  • Beastmen
  • Skaven
  • Free Peoples
  • Goblins – Moonclan
  • Seraphon

Unfortunately the GHB doesn’t have all the factions fleshed out with warband lists…. Fortunately our fearless ringleader has created lists for those faction to do their post battle sequencing.

So far we are about halfway through with Stormcast Eternals and the Free Peoples equal on Glory points.

All I can say is my Skaven have been performing terribly…… more accurately I need to paint more dots on my dice…



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