Assembling Lady J and Co.

I’m not an authority on Wyrd minis.  This would be my first crew I have assembled.  Speaking to the local Malifaux crew, it’s not new to hear stories about how hard these sexy plastic sculptures are to assemble.

I am regailed regularly of the steamtrunk that comes in 100 pieces, of the chiauawah (fuckedifIknowhowtospellthat) that is 5 pieces and no bigger than a 5cent piece! And of someone by the name of Hannah in her strong arm suit… (if I have gotten this one wrong please correct me).

Lady J has that damn sword! Well I win woman! I fucking WIN! 

I glued that shit right to your impossibility small face! Ahahahaaha!

Though mad props for this little nugget…

Get it. It sets in seconds and being gel it stays where you want it. It is by far the best shit for plastic… get it from bunnings.

*I have no affiliation with the companies and products mentioned.


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