Western Pathfinders – The Story so far Part: 1

  • We are playing the Rise of The Runelords published campaign, by Paizo
  • This is an attempt at writing how our story evolves
  • I am not a writer, so this probably won’t be the greatest read for you

The story so far.

Arken during the evening after making camp discovered a close to dead and water logged gnome caught in the branches of a fallen tree in the nearby river.  Upon reviving him with her healing magic, she was introduced to Mobius, the sheparding gnome.
sitting by the fire that night, sharing some sweet wine and cured pork with Arken; Mobius recounted all that he could remember.  He told a tale of He and his master being wandering shepherds, herding through the foothills Malgorian Mountains. When they were set upon by a pack of giants.  They slaughtered their flock.  His master fought hard and in the end, as Mobius fell from a cliff he saw his master killed with a terrible blow from the leader of the Giants.  Mobius knew that if it wasn’t for his master, Mobius, would too be dead.  He expresses his gratitude for the compassion and charity provided by Arken, claiming he is indebted to her, however Mobius swears he will have vengeance on the giants who murdered his master.

Mobius did not know how long he had been unconscious and how far the river currents had taken him.  He was grateful for the aid Arken had given him, for surely he would have died if Arken had not been so charitable.  Mobius steeled his mind in vengeance.  Swearing a personal oath that one day he will cross paths with that giant and he will visit a vengeful fury upon them.

The pair agreed to travel together to Sandpoint, and find respite in the Swallowtail festival, due to kick off in the next few days.  In the evening of the next day arrived at a small fishing village, here they came to know Maurice, the Amazing.
Maurice had been in the small hamlet’s stocks for 2 days before Arken and Mobius arrived.  The story told to them, by the locals, was that Maurice had been caught out in a fiendish deception.  He had been selling various alchemical products for a range of ailments.  Unfortunately a few of the young men in the Hamlet discovered the ointment of Virility sold to them was nothing more than snake oil.  Causing a great discomfort and rash, along with a shameful and embarrassing story.  Since they are far from any lawmakers and justicar, Maurice was thrown in the stocks for a few days and a fine paid to the village.
The day of his release a small group of Bandits attempted to raid the Hamlet.  Arken, Mobius and some of the stronger men defended the settlement.  It was quick easy work for the Paladin and Mobius.

Maurice took the opportunity to set the leader of the settlement into the stocks, for he claimed that he was wrongfully accused and the punishment was unlawful.  Fortunately he was able to convince Arken of the wrong doing, though by an unorthodox means.  The coin taken as a fine had already been taken and could not be repaid.  An interrogation of a captured bandit revealed the whereabouts they were hiding out.  So the three adventurers set off to rout them, and rid the area of their menace.

A short journey west and a climb into the wooded hill lands and they found the bandits hide out.  Maurice disguised himself as one of them to scout it out.  He was successful in infiltrating the group and found they were a small band and poorly equipped.  Launching a raid, the adventurers made short work of the bandits.  Maurice being discovered and suffering the brunt of the Bandit leader’s wrath.  Fortunately Arken is a tolerant woman and ensured his healthy recovery.
They returned to the fishing Hamlet victorious.  Arken took responsibility for the captured bandit and agreed to take him to Sandpoint to face charges there.  Maurice the Amazing, set free and perceived innocent of wrong doing, took up the rains of his donkey and cart, headed off ahead to Sandpoint.

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