Pathfinder Character: Dante Kadu – Origins

Dante Kadu- Created by a Player

  •  Human Wizard (Evocation Specialist) lvl 4

Dante never knew his true father, he was raised by his mother – herself part of a band of wandering gypsies that bartered and swindled their wares through the endless tiny kingdoms of the Riverlands.  His mother remarried to an earnest Dwarf before he could walk, taking on the family name of Kadu.  As such, Dante’s earliest memories may have been of endless forests and swamps but for much of his life he knew only the endless darkness and echoes of the underground settlements that the Dwarves preferred.


It was not a bad life; Dante and his mother were oddly accepted into the Dwarven clan.  There he learned how to read, write, and value the steadfastness of stone and hard work.   But something was amiss in his mind, a nagging thought like a dream half-remembered.  Dante could not escape the feeling that there was…more to life.


When he was of age to become a man, his mother finally entrusted with him the one heirloom that she kept of his father.  It was a finely carved gold amulet, a ring of two snakes consuming each other’s tails in an infinite loop.  It was also inset with a carved eye containing a ruby pupil.  Strangely warm to the touch at all times, the amulet was well beyond their means.  She could tell him nothing of its origin, only that she was made to promise on her life to gift it to Dante.  When he touched it for the first time it began to glow, increasing in brightness until it was a blinding flash – and then stopped abruptly.  It never did that again, and despite protests from many of Dwarven family to banish the cursed object, Dante kept it around his neck at all time.  He knew it wasn’t cursed.  It was magic untold.


When he was 19, like all men of his age, he rebelled against his mother, his home, really anything he could find to fill the urgency that there was more to this word to be seen.  He left, taking only the amulet, to trade a life of underground safety for the open oceans and thrill of the Andoran Navy.  He served on several ships, earning his way from deckhand to junior officer.  Unfortunately, his first real combat was a massacre – the Admiral had underestimated the enemy forces and every ship was lost to a man.  Dante’s ship was one of the last to fall.  A stray cannonball ricocheted in his direction.  Death was assured.  The amulet glowed brightly again and there was another flash.


Dante awoke in the Infinite Tower, a vast magical labyrinth that twisted all natural laws to bend over itself in a never ending array of knowledge.  Here, he learned the amulet was one of several keys to this realm.  There was but one rule:  You may read anything you want, but should you finish a book you will forget all you have learned and never return.  Thus, Dante spent several years following other scholars and half-reading arcane texts.  It was both eye opening and maddening.


Eventually he learned that there ways to smuggle out the knowledge.  Perhaps even darker secrets.  He learned of dark prophecies in motion that could end all life.   Dante began to inscribe the basics of Evocation magic onto his right arm, using magical ink to tattoo lessons and spells.  When the Great Keepers heard of his infraction, they sought to banish him forever.  Before they could reach him, Dante was handed the last page in the first book he ever read and disappeared.


He woke up on the beaches Andoran again.  Several years had passed and his face was marked with a heavy beard.  Nothing else of his time in the Infinite Tower carried with him save the last page – on the back of which was inscribed a spell of remembrance.  When read aloud it restored key parts of his memory.  He couldn’t remember everything, but he knew of the Tower and precious few of its many secrets.  Questions still remained on the details of the dreaded prophecy, and who helped him escape.


Considered a deserter by the Navy if he was to return, for only cowards were known to have survived the Massacre at Red Tide, Dante set out on a quest for knowledge.  Seeking magical texts and teachings across the land, he drifted and plied trade in stone carving or shipmen skills for scrolls, rumors, and books.


His travels took him deep into giant territory where he trained with a Master of Evocation while dodging cannibals and gremlins.  He spent time in the Dragon Caves of Thuvia, before his mentor was eaten by a pet Wyvern.  Every place he went triggered more of his memory on the teachings from the Tower.  Dante became obsessed with magical knowledge.


It was on such a quest that Dante found himself on a burning brigantine, besieged by the Osirion Navy on grounds of piracy.   He couldn’t argue the charges – the crew had, after all, sacked a number of small villages.  One of which contained a small library of arcane texts.  Dante wasn’t really endeared to the crew, but they were useful for transport and generally left him alone when lightning appeared in his cabin.


As the ship began to take on water, sailors either flooded the long boats or prayed to gods they used to swear never existed.  Dante had been furiously paging through one of the ‘acquired’ books, a text on relocation.  Granted, his draconic was rusty and the swaying of ship from explosions didn’t help.  Drawing runes in the air with his fingers his eyes rolled back as he made the final incantations for a Spell of Teleport to Ultimate Safety…at least that’s how he thought you pronounced it….



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