Drinking in the Silver Tower

  • Warhammer Quest Silver tower – Check!
  • beers – Check!
  • bottle of whisky – check!

A mate and me had a crack at 2 player Warhammer Quest Silver Tower.  I brought a six pack of beers and some whisky… because, fuck it why not.

After a rough going over of the rules we dived in.  I  was the dark elf Shard and he was the Fyreslayer Dwarf thing.

I didn’t  realise the gameplay will have you going through about 4 or 5 tower runs to get pieces of an amulet, I think then you go through one more time to fight the BBEG.

4 hours later we finish the first run through, get the amulet fragment, and go again. We are half pissed and old mate fyrejabber dwarf has rolled so many 1’s I can’t believe!  Fortunately The Dark elf Shard had picked up a skill card which allowed other party members to re-roll 1’s on attack rolls.

Some of the mechanics:

  • you each get 4 dice to roll in the hero phase, the result is kept and the die is used to then buy actions and do stuff
  • there are “destiny dice” a pool of dice rolled to be used the same way as the player dice, but by everyone
  • When someone uses a destiny die the next highest die is locked from use for that player, after each player has had their turn the locked dice then unlock, and are then available to the others, however they lock again the same way when they are used
  • there is a “renown” tracker, you accumulate renown to a then pick up skill cards
  • you gain renown by killing things and doing a character specific thing.  i.e. Shard gets 2 for wounding 3 enemies in a turn, the Fyrejabber gets 2 for killing an enemy with 3 or more vitality(hitpoints/wounds)
  • essentially you go through multiple runs of the silver tower, kill a dude at the end of each to gain a piece of an amulet.  once whole something else happens and you all win!  yay! us!

we sucked. HARD!

The dwarf was too slow, had difficulty getting his renown boon and the wounded buff.  It took us a few rooms to figure out how to search for treasure….. weirdly it was the Dark elf that was all about finding treasure.  I found some really cool stuff, till that jerkburger Dwarf picked up something that caused all my shit to turn into smokey illusions, thereby loosing all my stuff.

He rolled a ridiculous amount of 1’s a hilarious amount of 1’s… it was so great to see it happen to someone else for a change! ahahahaaha

Seriously we were in hysterical tears of laughter how bad it was!

Nevertheless it was a cracker of a night. Casual gaming with a mate and beers.

I think we called it near the end of the second run through, it was 2am and I was on struggle street….



the next mornin…… well after I had laid down for a few hours I was awoken, by my adorkable child, and wife.  I managed to to get through the day of swimming lessons for the young man and being dragged through plant nurseries, masters shopping.

However i spent the majority of the day like this…….



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