SAGA intro

A friend introduces me to SAGA – historical war-games.  I’ve seen it around in my social media feeds, I always fobbed it off as that weird game for history buffs.

It’s actually pretty good!

Model sculpts are poo though.

Nice paint job and basing, sculpts are sub-par though

old mate gave my the crash course.. …. its one of the first games I have gone into without doing any reading of the rules before an intro game.

we were both not feeling the best, He was nursing a hangover from the SAGA tourney the day before….

I was still recuperating from severe food poisoning that weekend.  seriously, it was bad.  shit myself twice whilst projectile vomiting nothing but bile… oooff… there is a mental image you didn’t need.

are you mental.gif

So no beers tonight.

SAGA fundamentals:

  • small war-bands led by a Warlord
  • War-band does stuff via a battle board
  • beginning of your turn you roll special, war-band specific dice. The results of which determine which war-band abilities and activation’s you can do
  • you get 1 of these dice per unit and 2 for the warlord.  they are a precious resource.  You loose them when you lose units and the warlord through out the game
  • warlords are squishy
  • everything dies in the end
  • only 1 V 1 combat, unless you use a Warlord ability to activate and send in a unit with you

First off I ran with stock Vikings, pretty simple.

a little into the first turn

Second I used JomsVikings.  These things just seem unfair.  All of their battle board is your opponent either lets you do something cool or allows you to build wrath – which is used later to do something cool, like I don’t know… um… spend 1 wrath, opponent removes the members of his war-band.  Or how about spend 1 wrath add twice your wrath level in attack dice to the combat….or maybe auto hit with hits equal to current wrath level?!

Fortunately the wrath is capped at 6 and you cannot have more than double your attacks in a melee.

There were 2 times I had a Warlord and Hearthguard(elites) in combat throwing 23- 36 dices because of that!  at a unit with 8 wounds! or a single warlord in which I only need to wound him twice!
Fortunately, I have a dice rolling disability and he had an ability to re roll failed saves once.  So weathered the first onslaught however became pink mist in the second.

evidence of my disability

I liked the game.  Its good beer and chips.  Its a different mechanic.  Its Historical.  Its got Scotsmen and Irishmen.

I will invest and add this to the rotation.




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