Western Pathfinders -The story so far – Part 2

A day later Arken and Mobius hit the road again.  Travelling for 2 days, a storm looked to be developing on the horizon.  Looking for shelter, they found the ruins of an old watch tower over grown with flora, slowly being reclaimed by the world.  Here they came across a dark and mysterious man by name of Valentijn.  He had already set up camp to avoid the storm.  Valentijn looked like he had been riding hard for days, as if he has slept little and this was his first chance at a decent respite.  There was a short and tense introduction, Valentijn reluctantly allowed Mobius and Arken to make camp in the ruins with him.

The storm rolled in, bringing heavy rains, thunder and the crash of Lightning.  Valentijn’s horse was unsettled by the thunder, stomping and pulling at its tether.  In flash of lighting the silhouette of many small creatures could be seen approaching the camp. Goblins!  Unfortunately Valentijn’s horse was killed first, being mauled by 3 or 4 grinning critters, squealing in delight as the plunged their ragged blades repeatedly into the animals side, neck and head.  Working together the three adventurers held off the Goblin raiders.  In the dark of the night they came together, strangers each taking out several goblins each. The next morning the storm had broken, leaving only a slight drizzle or rain and water logged ground.   Since they were only a day and a half out from Sandpoint and his horse was dead, Valentijn agreed to travel with Arken and Mobius.

Arriving early afternoon in Sandpoint the party could see the preparations for the Swallowtail festival and consecration were under way. Finding lodgings at the Rusty Dragon for their time in Sandpoint, the party set in to rest.  The next day was warm and fresh, the festival kicked off early with stalls and games for everyone, it was a happy occasion and sure to set the late unpleasantness out of the locals minds.  Arken was helping Father Zantus with preparations for consecration, whilst Valentijn kept to himself and out of the activity.  Maurice had set up a small stall from his cart selling various sundry wares with a strange focus on fish hooks.

After a provided town lunch there were speeches from local notables.  However as Father Zantus attempted to get the towns attention, Goblins attacked!  They were so many. Goblins running through the streets slashing at townsfolk, leaping from tops of buildings, the scene was chaos.  Even as some of the goblins were able to keep  focussed on their attack, most others were not, leaping into and drowning in barrels of water and drowing, setting themselves on fire from torches, many others just lacking the dexterity to leap from roof to roof, falling and breaking their neck.
In the central plaza the party helped the guard defend the townsfolk.  Valentijn set to work with a trained violence akin to the bloodiest battles in war.  Mobius unfortunately winged a civilian, attempting to fire his crossbow through the crowd.  Arken made short work of the filthy goblins with her bow, methodical in her execution.  Maurice found this time to pick up the lock box of a nearby stall before stepping in to assist.  It was easy and quick work to get the central plaza back under control, then from the north end of town the sound of a fight brought the party to saving the life of an aristocrat named Foxglove.  His dog killed by a mounted goblin.  The party made short work of the filthy buggers and liberated Foxglove, as a thank you Fox glove took the party hunting boar the next day, Ameiko kajitsu provided a week’s free lodgings at her tavern the Rusty Dragon.

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