Western Pathfinders – The story so far Part 3

A day or two have passed and the party are requested by Belor Hemlock (the sheriff) to assist in an investigation of an incident in the Sandpoint cemetery.  Father Zantus has found the family vault of Ezakien Tobyn has been opened.  The PC’s take a look and discover 2 animated skeletons.  They are easily destroyed.  Examining the scene they conclude the skeletons where left there by someone using the Robe of Bones, as the robe had been discarded in the crypt.  Ezakien’s body had been taken, it is assumed to have happened during the goblin raid a few days earlier.  Many goblins tracks were found going into and around the vault, however, amongst them were the tracks of a humanoid, most likely elf or Human.

Later that day the party was introduced to female elf called Shalelu Andosana by Belor.  She is a wanderer of the wild lands and reports seasonally to the sheriff of Sandpoint about the happenings on the wild frontier.  She gives a report of goblin tribes working together, along with a sharp increase in goblins raids along the lost coast.  Shalelu mentions that some of the goblins she had encountered recently were talking “longshanks” defending Sandpoint, and after meeting the Party she assumes they are who the goblins were referring to.   With this information and in light of the recent raid Sheriff Belor requests Shalelu to head south to investigate goblin tribe activity in the marshlands whilst he rides to Magnimar to request additional soldiers bolster the town’s defensive capabilities. He deputises the Party and entrusts the law and order of Sandpoint to them whilst he is gone.

That evening whilst enjoying some hot soup in The Rusty Dragon, the party witnessed a heated exchange between Amieko and her father.  There is a terse exchange or words in a foreign tongue, Amieko appears to rebuke her father, he goes to grab her aggressively.  As Arken goes to stand and help, Amieko wallops her father across the head with a CRACK!  hot soup and a few noodles dangling from his brow her father turns and leaves the Inn, not before turning a the doorway and spitting a vile insult “you’re as dead to me as your mother”.  He slams the door as he leaves.

Days have passed since Belor left for Magnimar and Amieko’s public fight with her father and the party is approached by Nethana Corwin, Amiekos assistant at the Dragon.  She is worried about Amieko and tells the Party Amieko is missing, which is strange and out of character for her. Nethana also shows the party a note left by estranged brother.  It suggested Tsuto (the estranged Brother) was waiting at the glassworks; the Glassworks are the kajistu’s family business, something Amieko wanted no part in.
The Party agrees to check into Ameiko’s disappearance, starting at the Glassworks.  They find the building all locked up, but there is smoke coming from the furnace chimney, so someone must be working.   They look around and find no way in and no one answering the door.
Breaking in the party discovered it had been overrun by goblins, and that Lojinku ( amiekos father) had been murdered. His body is propped up in a chair mutilated, and  encased in thick runny sheets of glass.  With a co-ordinated effort the party kill the goblins running havoc in the Glassworks foundry room.  Heading into the basement of the complex  the Party discovered Amieko bound and unconscious and Tsuto. He had opened and old smugglers tunnel, with access to the ocean. Tsuto, for reasons unknown had subdued his sister and was keeping her prisoner in the basement. Realising he had been discovered he launches at the Party.  Using his acrobatic skills and martial arts he proved to be a strong opponent.  With quick thinking and a co-operative effort the party kill Tsuto, not allowing him an attempt to escape.

Rifling through a small office, the party discover Tsuto’s diary.  In it they find references to the raid on Sandpoint and plans for an even larger scale assault on Sandpoint with over 200 goblins. There also were drawings of a nude woman in various poses; she was partly human and depicted with various demonic like features, a demonic hand, bat-like wings and horns.


The Party surmises Tsuto is referring to a long thought dead Aasimar known as Nualia from town.  She and her father(Ezakien Tobyn), the previous priest, perished in the fire consuming the old chapel.  Now it appears she is alive and in thistletop conducting dark rituals to Lamashtu using the remains of her father.

A scream echoes from the tunnel beyond……


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