Project – Battle Board (WIP)


its been  a while since I have posted content to this blog.  Admittedly this blog is boring, poorly maintained and really has no point, so this i for those 2 people that may or may not be following along…


I’ve had a second child and as anyone would know they are a time sponge, so hobby and anything remotely related to entertainment has been sidelined for the last 3 months to support the wife and this new creature we have spawned.
Finally though I have been able to sneak back into my schedule of dad/hobby time and this is what I have chosen to accomplish.

I bought the Battle Frame 5300 from Back2 basix (I have no affiliation to the site), I really like it as a base frame and I haven’t seen it used much in the maker space,  It is easy to assemble and makes a great base for a terrain board.
Old mate who runs the show has a whole bunch of different sized frames that are designed to work with this series, so you can get different heights and shapes to switch in and out with ease.

This is the first time I am attempting something like this and really just going balls the wall.  The yellowish stairs are going can either be a 2ft*2ft square or a 4ft*1ft line or could go in each corner of a 6*4 board.  they are inspired by the “Rusted steps” as mentioned in one of the Tree campaign battle plans in the Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook.

The steps will be carved into something pretty, inspired by the fine tutes at Black magic Craft ; Go check that guy out! he is top notch!

Below I used a random piece of wood to test a colour scheme and adhesion methods for the texture;

Key points:

  • Paint is left over Taubmans from Bunnings. $8AUD for asample pot.
  • layered and stippled exterior quality plaster filler over mdf board to water seal and start texture.
  • painted a non- diluted coating of PVA glue once plaster was dry, then covered in sand/cork/slate-chips.
  • once dry Painted with Brown Taubmans Paint.
  • once dry added a bit of white to the Brown paint and dry brushed.
  • Stairs are being constructed out of 30mm Extruded Polystyrene Insulation foam.
  • Minis on there for scale.
  • finished product will be a scorched and desolate land with a large set of ancient stairs at one end and a wide dried out creek bed at the other.


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