Border war Skaven V Moonclan

The Armies:


  • Warlord – warp forged blade
  • Warlord –  Battle standard bearer
  • GreySeer
  • Packmaster
  • 20 clan rats – rusty spears
  • 20 clan rats –  rusty spears
  • 20 storm vermin
  • 6 rat ogres
  • Doomwheel

Moonclan Grots;

  • Boss on Squig
  • Moonclan Shaman
  • 5 Squig Hoppers
  • 5 Squig Hoppers
  • 40 Grots – Spears and netters
  • 20 Grots – Bows
  • 3 Fanatics
  • Mangler Squig
  • Mangler Squig
  • Giant

The Battle Plan:

Border War;

  • There are 4 objectives, two 18″ in from either side on the centre line, ad 1 in the centre of either players territory.
  • Points are awarded per turn.
    • 1 for your own objective,
    • 2 for each objective on the centre line,
    • 4 for controlling your opponents objective.
  • To control an objective you must have more MODELS than your opponent within 6″ of objective marker.
  • Battle goes for 5 turns, Major victory to the player wiht the most points.
I think this was just before the charge of turn 1

The Report:

Turn 1;

  • Moonclan Grots finish setting up first and elect for Skaven to go first.
  • Skaven shuffle up just a bit, the unit over by the large dias runs toward the objective there.  Rat Ogres move up the right flank edging toward the objective to the right.
  • Skaven Doomwheel goes for more more speed!! roll low and rumble just a little forward.
  • Centre Clanrat unit receive the immune to battleshock ability
  • Grey seer is well out of range of anything for the Vermintide spell, so I’m all like “well he is useless this turn”… completely forgetting he can cast Mystic shield on other units. DERP


  • Warlord with Battle standard doesn’t plant banner, thinking I’ll have another turn to get it up in the thick of the fight.
  • Moonclan Grots roll out! I didn’t realise the Hero phase D6″ move was a DESTRUCTION allegience battle trait.
  • Everything moves forward, the giant moves up and engages the unit of Rat Ogres, the block of 40 Grots moves to sit on the right flank objective,  the unit of 20 Grots move up to sit and defend their own objective- they are out of range to shoot anything.
  • Boss on squig and squig hoppers move forward and threaten my centre left flank.
  • One mangler squig slams straight into my centre unit of clanrats, the other hangs back for the second turn charge.



  • That mangler squig did 21 wounds in 1 round!! ouch!
  • End of Turn 1 Skaven 1, Moongrot 3
The face when you are smashed with a mangler and have to remove a whole unit in 1 hit

Turn 2;

  • Moongrot clan win initiative for the second turn.
  • Giant charges Rat Ogres on the right flank.
  • both grot units hold position.
  • Squig riders charge into left flank clanrats+doomwheel.
  • A Mangler squig charges warlord +Stormvermin.  Storm vermin lose half the unit, but remaining troops destroy the Squig!  The Warlord laid on a few wounds to the Squig before scurrying away toward the left flank clanrats.  The Storm Vermin all flee to battle shock.
  • Second Mangler charges Grey seer + Warpfire thrower.  Both become food for the giant squig.
  • Rat Ogres bring down the giant in 1 round of combat! HooRAH!!
  • Squig hopper tear apart the left flank clanrats and they loose all but 3 to battle shock.
  • The remaining left flank clanrats flee and run towards the left flank objective.
  • Rat Ogres charge the remaining Mangler Squig and destroy it. Phew! those things are brutal.
  • Doomwheel grinds down some squig hoppers, completely forgets to shoot its gun, Warlord BSB plants banner and Warlord declares gnash gnaw on their bones!
  • Warlord dies to the Boss on Squig.
  • end of turn 2 Skaven 4 ,Moonclan 6
Warlord and Remaining clanrats holding the left flank objective

Turn 3;

  • Skaven get initiative.
  • Warlord moves to hang out with left flank clanrats.
  • Doomwheel grinds away at Squig hoppers, tries to shoot at the Boss on Squig, warp crystals charge up then fizzle and pops in a fantastic light show and nothing else.
  • Rat ogres get a controversial charge of on the grot wizard int he back field.
  • Pack master hangs back in a feeble attempt to hold the Skaven objective.
  • Squig Hoppers + Boss on squig finish off the doomwheel and control the Skaven objective.
  • End of Turn 3 Skaven 6, Moonclan 13
  • Skaven concedes the field.








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