Current Projects

A list of projects I am bouncing around on;

1 – Terrain:

  • I made a short post a few days ago about this board, since then, I have changed from having the stairs affixed to the tiles. I reckon I’ll go with a plain set of textured tiles and add different features with different shape and size tiles designed to be used with the battle Frame 5300.
  • I am hoping to use up the remainder of my XPS foam board on hills.  there is a standard way I am going to go about them that looks awesome when stacked in a variety of ways.

2 – SAGA – Scots:

The Scottish War Band

  • I picked up a sweet deal on this 4 point Scots War band for SAGA.  So far I have gotten the flock base texture on, there is a tourney on in June or July which I’d love to go to, however there is a painted war band requirement and its 6 point war bands.
  • These requirements can be achieved however I’m not sure I will be able to before the event, I don’t even know how to play the game! lol!
  • There is some super sweet swag to pick up and some awesome trophies for the podium finishers and best sports.


3 – Shadow Wars: Armageddon:

  • These guys I picked up from a mate splitting the shadow wars box, a very hot product that was under produced.
  • It’s been years since I’ve played or collected 40k and with this release and the new 40k coming I have really been keen to collect and paint 40k again.
  • I am hoping to collect a Blood Angel force, I’m really keen on the idea of a nothing but fast attack assault force.  Something to rapidly engage and overpower an enemy.
  • This one mini I have painted is a work in progress, essentially just need to highlight and decal.
  • I’ll be using some urban waste land bases from the secret weapon range to finish them off.

4 – Blood Bowl:

I’ve only opened this box to gawk at the sexy furries
  • This box, I got from a mate as well, haven’t played a game yet, however I was after them to run them as something in my Skaven army
  • I’m really eager to get in and paint these guys too, however, can’t do every thing at once. Fortunately in my gaming group, there isn’t a huge push for Blood bowl games.  So I can put these down the priority list.

5 – The odd bits and Malifaux:


  • On that tray is a fair whack of just odd bits and Malifaux.  Some of the Malifaux stuff I want to go back to and tidy up a bit others just need to be started.  I painted up 2 guild autopsies when I started to get back into painting after a bit of a break.  That was enjoyable.
  • I usually leave the Malifaux either to when I am prepping for a tourney or to break up the usual stuff I am painting.
  • You can see a plague furnace in there too.  I just finished the Warp lightning cannon, so the Plague Furnace is off limits till I paint 20 of a Skaven unit.
  • Thats how I break up painting the Skaven army.  Paint 20 of something in 10 man blocks then paint something big or a Hero.  Seems to be working so far.
  • The Cygnar starter faction is waaaaay down the bottom of the list.  A friend and I decided to get some starters and have a game, see what all the fuss is about.  Most of my gaming group think we are dirty now, not many are fans of WarmaHordes.
  • I had a Skorne faction for a while there.  It was well painted but I didn’t really enjoy the game so sold them.
  • My friend and I are still to have a game.

6 – Not so much a project but a new addition to the hobby space:

  • I found a really good deal for a 55 litre bar fridge on Gumtree.  It fits perfectly and really is a much needed addition to any Red Blooded Man’s garage.
  • Unfortunately my finances are slim for a good long time and so the lonely beer I have in there will be lonely at least for 1 more week.  I could drink it but then I’d have an empty fridge in the garage, and thats just sad.
  • The Photography light was an ebay purchase, and seriously, tonight was the first time I have got it out and put it together! lol, it came in handy for photoing the minis for this post and I think it really helped.
  • It was originally bought just for the stand.  I’d purchased a cheap projector too.  The idea was to use the stand to suspend the projector over a table and project a Virtual Table Top on the table for the Pathfinder game I run.
  • It didn’t work out, so I shelved it.
  • The white shelf in the hobby desk is from IKEA and was originally meant to stand books up in the young lads room.  However he likes to keep his room in a state of chaos, so I appropriated it for the hobby desk and it is AWESOME!! I am thinking of getting one more!

Anyway,  this is what I’ve got on hobby wise.  If you have made it this far, thank you for reading and I hope you found this interesting.


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