Escalation: Skaven V Sylvaneth


This one requires you to add up the amount of units you have and divide that number by 3, rounding up.  this reflects the number of units that are deployed first turn ( All battle line units must be deployed first), then the amount of units deployed second turn and the same fo rthe third.
In this instance Skaven had 4, 4, 3 and Sylvaneth had 3, 3, 2.

The board is split in half Diagonally along the long edge, with 3 objective markers along the center line.  Basically 1 in each corner and one dead center.

You win points at the end of each of your turns by having more models then the enemy within 6″ of an objective.  Skaven should shit this in V the Elite Sylvaneth force.

The Armies:


Warlord – Warpforged plan and Chaos talisman

Arch- Worlock

Pack Master – Shock Prod

20 Clanrats – Rusty spears

20 Clanrats – Rusty Spears

20 Storm Vermin – Halberds and shields

4 Rat Ogres

Warpfire Thrower

Warpfire Thrower


Warp Lightening Cannon



Treelord Ancient


10 Dryads

10 Dryads

5 Tree-Revenants

3 Kurnoth Hunters – Bows

3 Kurnoth Hunters

Battalion: Gnarlroot Wargrove

Battalion: Household


Archway  – Sinister

Center Forrest – Deadly

Left Forrest – Damned

(All references to flanks are from the Skaven players perspective)

Turn 1

Skaven goes first with 2 clan rats Warlord and warp cannon, The warp-cannon is deployed on a hill in the centre of the back board, out of range for the first turn.

Left flank Clanrats run to secure left flank objective whilst the centre Canrats run to hold the centre objective, making sure they are staying out of the deadly woods and trying to force the enemy to skirt around or charge through to engage.  The Warlord moves up to support them

Sylvaneth cast trees near the left flank objective.

TreeLord advances on left flank, just sits outside of range for a shooting attack.  The Dryad units skirt the deadly Forrest to get a charge at the centre line Clanrats.

Tree-Revenants move to threaten the right flank objective.

Turn 2

Skaven win initiative, centre line Clanrats shuffle round to hold the centre line objective.

Rate Ogres deploy atop the great stairs on the right flank looking to move in on the objective there, a pack master scurries behind them, giving them a nudge to herd them into the fray.  ( decided the stairs cost 1″ movement to go from level to level, and the large hill cost 2 ” )  This movement tax caused the Rat Ogres to descend slowly and fail a few charges.
The left Flank Clanrats move to consolidate and hold the Left objective, a Warpfire thrower team deploys behind them to threaten the TreeLord looking to smash shit up.  StormVermin arrive on the left flank to counter the inevitable charge on the Clanrats.
Warplightning cannon fires at and takes 1 wound of the approaching Treelord.

Sylvaneth drop Kurnoth-bowman on the right flank and pepper some wounds on the rat Ogres, 1 dies from the attack.  The other unit of Kurnoth hunters- swords, deploy on the left flank stairs with the Branchwych support.

Shit on the left flank is about to get real!

The Tree-Revenants teleport from the left flanks to the skaven back field looking to destroy the warplightning cannon.  Thankfully the high hill and its movement tax kept them from successfully charging.

Dryad units in the centre charge the Clanrats there.  A mad combat ensues, Dryads fall Clanrats hold the line and suffer minimal losses.

The Tree lord shoots into the Clanrats on the left flank, taking a few out, before charging  in with the Kurnoth hunters.  the TreeLord manages to get far enough to reach the warpfire team hiding in the back of the Clanrat unit.  The TreeLord flails about and miraculously manages only 1 wound on the weapon team.  The kurnoth hunters decimate the Clanrats there, meaning a feeble attempt to wound the Kurnoth Hunters is made in retaliation before they all flee.

Warp fire team goes Broken arrow – pumping for more more flame and deletes 6 wounds from the TreeLord.

Live footage of the TreeLord dying

Storm vermin charge both the Kurnoth Hunters and TreeLord and remove wounds from the TreeLord .

The TreeLord Ancient in the centre field, poorly placed to effect either flank, regrows the slain Dryads for the centre line conflict.

Kurnoth bowmen peg wounds from rat ogres, another drops as the stumble down the stair case, failing to charge AGAIN!

Turn 3

Skaven bring on the Doomwheel to destroy the Tree-Revenants in their back line near warp cannon.   A Warp fire thrower team trundles out just next to the stair case on the right flank, a much needed fire power < I am so punny>.  Out of the dusty wastes comes the MAD MAX of the skaven realms…. an Arch warlock strolls confidently solo onto the left flank.  Giving the stink eye to the 2 Kurnoth hunters and Dryad there.

Image result for confident rats gif
Arch Warlock stink eye dance

Rat ogres fail another charge.  Doom wheel  kills a single Tree-Revenant and they teleport off to the woods on the right flank.

Helped by the warp lightning cannon, StormVermin remove remaining wounds from TreeLord and take down a Kurnoth Hunter,  Not before the TreeLord takes out the warpfire team.  Hunters pound StormVermin.

Centre line of clan rats finally lose out to the Dryads, not before taking a fair few down from gnash gnaw on their bones.  The remaining Dryads flee from their losses.  This leaves the warlord to sit on the objective and hide from the TreeLord Ancient on the other side of the Deadly woods.

Kernoth hunters – bowmen  whittle rat ogres further. Rat ogres continue to fail their charges and their aren’t enough bodies for the skaven to contest the objective.  Warp fire team pump for more fire and melt the remaining Kurnoth hunter – bowman.

Turn 4

Arch warlock  attempts warpstorm but fails, causes 1 wound on the Branchwych with arcane bolt.  Unleashes warp gauntlet on Kurnoth hunters to drop more wounds.  Branchwyches attempt to regrow the Kurnoth is unbound by the Arch Warlock.

Kernoth hunters wipe remaining storm vermin.

Warp lightning cannon pegs a few wounds off Kurnoth Hunters.

Turn 5

Arch Warlock unleashes warpstorm  kills a Kernoth Hunter plus  the Branchwych.  Charges the remaining Kurnoth Hunter and annihilates him in combat!  That arch warlock is a beast!

With 1 Rat Ogre remaining on the right flank, it is insanely frustrated by its repeated failure to make a charge, the continual barrage of arrows and the incessant prodding from the Pack master’s shock prod, it charges through the wyldwood Forrest at the Tree-Revenants  only to be caught in the whippy branches, tripping over a gnarled root and snapping its neck on the charge.
Behind it the warpfire team in a frenetic frenzy they continue to build pressure in the warp fire thrower, building for a great gout of flame!

Then the inevitable BOOM! as the tanks rupture destroying the team. leaving nothing but the stench of  singed fur and scorched crater.

Tree-Revenants  see their chance and charge the pack master failing to kill him.

The Arch Warlock  holds the left flank.

In the centre line, the Doomwheel charges the TreeLord Ancient failing to significantly wound it in shooting and grinding in combat, the TreeLord Ancient makes a strong attempt  destroy the Doomwheel and get at the centre objective but failed in demolishing the warmachine.

Final Score and Closing thoughts:

Skaven 13.

Sylvaneth 10.

Using a good amount of terrain and some of the terrain rules, makes for more interesting games.  I felt this game a nice amount of terrain and the deadly Forrest in the middle created an obstacle forcing both of us to either use the advantage or work around it.  even the movement tax on the stairs and tall hill made for some really challenging situations, denying charges that otherwise would have gotten off.

I was surprisingly good at willing die results of 1 from my opponent.
My Chaos allegiance trait rarely went off, damn you chaos!
An elite force in a battle plan like this still has a chance against a horde army.
I really like these matched play Battle-plans, it was a swinging game through out and down on the last turn did the Skaven cinch the victory.


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