WIP’s and Games excite me!


Been some time and I still don’t know why I keep this blog going, mayb’s for my old chook as I am sure she is the only one that reads it….

Shout out! for the Old Chook!

Family and a lack of enthusiasm has kept me from doing anything remotely hobby related, however over the bast few months I have achieved one or two things.  Basically I have not been interested in batch painting and so have changed up my approach.  I’ve just started painting 1 model at a time to a reasonable table standard.  no batches or colours, not extra effort to make it a pearler from every angle and every distance.  just nice enough to look good when in a clump.
Doing this has really made me WANT to paint and has relaxed me, it is slow but this is my hobby my way.

I have started getting into really trying to get edge highlighting done well, and I am really happy with the results.  A layer, a wash then edge highlights equals DONE.  even a dry brush was edge highlights DONE!.

So good.

I am not a huge podcast fan, as I am really picky about what I want to listen to, and cannot stand meaningless small talk.  Fortunately I have found www.40kbadcast.com !
Oh boy these guys are my kinda gamers and I lament that they are American based as I bet I’d be shitting myself with laughter when gaming with them.  Its a tight podcast, not taking itself to seriously and so much fun to listen to! I much recommend!

The pathfinder games I was playing have been on open ended hiatus, as the youngest kid isn’t sleeping regularly enough to host a non interrupted game.  However I am really eager to kick the game back up, hopefully next year.
I’ve abandoned the idea of building a TV impregnated table as Virtual tabletop(VTT) and now going to go with a second PC and projector setup.  This way the players can control the Player instance of the VTT I am using and the table we sit at has heaps of space for dice, beer, munches and supplements.
I was using http://www.roll20.com , and it is a really easy to use system, however I am exploring http://www.fantasygrounds.com as there is a lot more built in useful functions, however it is a steep learning curve to really get the most out of the software.

Thats it for now, as I write this I have a game tee’d up in a day or two with a mate I haven’t played with in a while.  We’ll be hitting up some 40k and I’ll be proxying some Skaven as Kroot to fill out my Tau.  Hopefully I”ll write up a report and take some happy snaps, so the Skaven will then make sense… I mean I don’t expect them to be on the board for long enough for anyone to care.

Oh, while your here, feel free to click through my others posts, I’ll to see the stats page make patterns.



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