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Memoir 44

The other night I finally got out from the homestead and Dad duties to catch up with an mate for some Gaming.  He’d picked up a new board-game going by the name of Memoir 44.  It is about the significant battles around world war 2, designed to created enjoyable historical recreations on the table top as well as teach a little about history and a reminder of those that served during that time.  Follow the link below to Board-game Geek to get a much better review of the game itself, as I am shit at reviews,  evidence is this blog.



In the regular fashion beers were brought, Whiskey was poured and some Fijian Rum was put on standby for a bit of a tipple through out the night….


Memoir 44 is a pretty cool game, easy to pick up rules and enough tactical depth to strain the mind in a casual and friendly manner.  I found it wasn’t a case of you had a heap of units or 1 massive “fuck all things” unit to rely on or concern about, but felt I was competing against the strategy of my opponent.

Considering these are historical recreations and there will be scenarios that historically advantage/dis-advantage either side, the advice is to swap sides after the first game and go on total victory points to help eliminate/compensate for that historical effect.

Our first game though was off to a shaky start with a mis-interpretation of the rules, leaving the Germans WELL and truly a lost cause at the battle of Pegasus bridge.  Despite their absence of commands from the Eagles Nest they held as best they could against a superior and overwhelming Allied surprise attack.

german trenches

essentially either player draws command cards to have a private hand. These command cards are used to issue commands to your units, as long as they are within the stated zone(left flank, center, right flank).  Each scenario with specifically state how many command cards each side gets for that scenario, so for our first game and as to be expected, a missed rule or 2 had the Germans on the receiving end of the “first time playing this, what the fuck is going on? YAHTZEE!?!” phenomenon.

Swapping side, I took the allied forces and smashed the German defences on Pegasus bridge, it was a combination of ” Now I get this shit“, good card draw and tactics.  However, even though it was a quick victory to the Allied, the German opponent could have pulled a win, if a few key troops were moved in an earlier turn.  So even though History may be against you it doesn’t mean you will always be the loser.

We decided to have a crack at the second scenario.  An Allied airborne division has dropped in around a french town, one division hit its mark accurately and the other dropped off course.  Apparently, the Allied forces decided to attack the German defended town with knives and bayonets, the attack was so successful it caused the Germans to over estimate the strength of the Allies and withdraw.  Pretty cool.
In this scenario the Germans are fielding a tank unit…. those things are awesome!

beer tank

A cool rule for the deployment of this scenario is the allied player takes 4 troop minis, holds them somewhere over the battle field at approx 12 inches high and drops the models onto the board, where they land is where their units are set up, any that land off the board or in an occupied square are considered lost for the battle.

Even though the Allied had a good swell of numbers the German armour laid down the pain and held the french town from the Allied assault.
Swapping sides I managed to lose with the Germans and lost my tank unit to a brave assault from the allied forces. Tanks may be strong units, they do need to be supported and protected by infantry.

There is a lot more to play with in the starter box for Memoir 44 as well as a variety of expansions, even a multiplayer over lord map and campaign.  I can definitely see this one going into the gaming cycle, Its a great casual game with a bit of historical learning, 10 outta 10 from me!



Image from this place

There is a lot of hype and hyperventilating for this game…. and its all real!


At this point it was late? or early?… well on its way from midnight to 1 am…..

It says alot about the simplicity of the game if I can watch 1 batrep ( well, really a half each of 2 batreps, I was wrecked and fell asleep at the beginning of one to wake up at the end of the other)  and have a little coaching at midnight a bit pissy and still get this game.

we played the basic starter box, I took khorne and was really surprised to see myself trying to coax the storm cast in 1 at a time for team up kills, I thought khorne would play more like a charge EVERYTHING and hit it till dead strategy, however they are glass cannons and die to 1 shots from the Stormcast, which are tanky as fuck.  For me, the biggest mistake was loading upgrades on the 1 fighter, thinking that fighter is in one place for a mega charge at the Stormcast Leader, only to find they are not where I think they are and dying a cheap, meaningless death.

GW is onto a winner here and could easily become something big, IF GW support it effectively, which I for one hope they do!


Thanks for reading this garbage, feel free to flick through my other shit on this blog, seriously please do! I like it when the stats graph makes fun patterns!


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