Henchman Hardcore


Saturday I played in the Henchman Hardcore Mailfaux event in Footscray.

I wasn’t going to play in this event as I am a newish Malifaux player and the term “Hardcore” elicits Non-noobie friendly environment.  Fortunately, a friend of mine claimed he was going and that he had no clue what his models did, and would most likely be fighting a hangover, so I thought I’d support the event and have a crack with what I owned.

I ran Guild;

  • The Judge
  • 2* Executioners – Both with “ready to Work upgrade” (Thanks Mouse!)
  • Mechanical Trap
Looking like they are going to dispense some justice
Looking like they are going to dispense some justice


  • Rd 1  8-3 Loss
  • Rd 2  8-0 Loss
  • Rd 3 Vs Von Gumby 8-3 Win
  • Rd 4  5-1 Loss
  • Rd 5  7-4 Win
  • Rd 6  10-2 Loss
  • Won: Best Sports – (I think I owe someone a wristy)
  • Every game was awesome
  • Every player was a cracker opponent and all round good guy

Events like this are great incentives to assemble and paint minis, which it did for me.

The event attracted 9+ The Gumby (TO).  I saw some regular faces and met a fair few others I have seen only in the Facetrix…. so even if I did walk away a loser I had succeeded in expanding my circle of familiar gamers.

Henchman Hardcore format gets its name from being a small group of minis led by a Henchman, along with short rounds of about 30 – 45 mins.  It is about brutal quick decisions.

  • Strat = Hardcore Turf War
  • Scheme = Assassinate

What helped me, rules wise, was that most everyone I played were very experienced and so that I could lean on them to fill the gaps in my game knowledge, also I had an “always activated peon” model so that I only had to control 3 minis.
Two of which are all about push into enemy+flip cards till things are dead.

First up I went against Ten thunders.

See that little useless trap?  Keep up  the good work mate.

I don’t know a hell of a lot about them.  I saw a samurai with a mini gun, that guy hurts, and a dude smashing his weapon into the ground with such force he is lifted into the air.  He hurts too.  From memory I put my trap in a place most likely to be the least useful. I then instigated plan – Push+Flip till something is dead. Rinse repeat.  First executioner becomes butter in the hot sun.  I think the second waved his hands around and put some beat down on big weapon guy.  More things happened.  I lost.

I will not be able to remember every game as there were 6.

I remember going against another Guild crew with Death Marshals+Judge+Mexican Gun Guy.

Death Marshal + Mexican Gun Guy
Death Marshal + Mexican Gun Guy

By this time I had learnt to put my trap in a more useful location and move my judge and use his pull action first before moving my executioners.  I’d gone second, my opponent had moved a death marshal close and with my judge manoeuver I pulled it closer…. I knew my opponents idea was to box and bury my executioners, denying me points and killing chances.
This one though he had to Red Joker to avoid being killed by the executioner on the following activation.  He managed to box the other executioner and run away with him. Both executioners ended up boxed, one taken well off to the other side of the board, and the other burst out as it’s Death Marshal was killed.

I then had a chance to charge the Judge and engage the Mexican Gun Guy at the same time.  Foolishly, I thought because my judge is my leader, his Judge would be his leader.  I absolutely annihilated that sonabitch!….
Thinking I got the assassinate, I asked “was that your leader?”  and there, sitting and smiling silently, like a sexy man beast satisfied with himself, my opponent said “no.  Mexican Gun Guy is”.

*sigh*  My blood lust got the better of me. Sad-Meme-Face-10

Damn you mound of sex godliness.

I managed a win versus The Gumby.

It ran gremlin pigs. It smacked my shit to the back of the board.  Fortunately I killed its little pigs, moved away and slaughtered Its big pigs, starting with Its Leader pig.  The game really had me favoured due to receiving and playing so many Execution triggers, so The Gumby was constantly dropping cards to avoid insta-death.


The next round I fought a forest of America pine trees ( read:bad juju and those tree germinating things).  That went well.  Juju was killed first.  My opponent informed me that you don’t receive the assassinate points until the end of the game, because Bad juju is buried, he will respawn when one of his own crew are killed.  Straight Up I said ” why don’t you just kill one of your own dudes?”.  He was all “Y’all can do that? “, apparently all day he wasn’t aware that was a viable and legal tactic.  I go to watch him play with himslef for awhile….20160903_14263120160903_143701
All up I won 2 games, Lost the rest, but had an absolute blast!

This was the third Malifaux tournament I have attended, and all of them have had me laughing all day with a great bunch of friendly players.

As much as I have been vague and may have communicated the massive white washing I had received, every single game was a white knuckle, down to the wire beat fest, in which it could have gone either way!

10/10 would go to a Henchman Hardcore again!


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